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We’re the law firm that helps you build your business.

Entrepreneurs dream, think and execute. To start and to grow. But also to push boundaries and innovate. Logically. To build a succesful business, you need the mindset of a pioneer. You need the boldness to venture to unchartered places. That is the true spirit of entrepreneurship. At Watsonlaw we know all about that.


You are never alone with Watsonlaw at your side. We get to the heart of the matter quickly and strengthen your company in all aspects of corporate law. If you are active in blockchain, tokenization and or the crypto market, Watsonlaw is also the right choice for you. Our practice is leading and our crypto team does not just have extensive knowledge, but also broad experience to support you in organising your company, preparing the neccessary contract documentation and licences and/or registration trajectories with the AFM and/or DNB.


We provide your company with a solid legal structure, that you can trust and build on. No matter what. We call that: Building a framework for growth.

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Working with Watsonlaw means linking arms to strengthen your company. So meet our team today and discover the missing link in your company.

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