Angelique Andriolo

Angelique Andiolo.  Office manager

Angelique is an office manager at Watsonlaw. Typical for her are her eye for detail and exceptional interest in procedural law. She loves to sink her teeth into something new, and whatever she does, she does with passion and enthusiasm.


Angelique studied social-legal services at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. She began her career at a bailiff’s office where she discovered the versatility of procedural law. Her interest had been aroused. She wanted to take this further. She completed her training as apprentice bailiff and has now more than 22 years of experience in litigation support with a medium-sized law firm.


As office manager, Angelique offers broad support to our team. For example, she strengthens and streamlines internal processes within the office. And with her background and experience in litigation support she also fulfils a key pivotal role within our litigation practice.

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