Maarten van Ingen.

(Bunnik, 1969) Studied Dutch Law at the University of Utrecht. During his time as a student, Maarten wrote computer programs, using the languages Fortran, Nantucket Clipper and Turbo Pascal. After finishing his studies, he became a lawyer and, among other things, focused on security rights of troubled enterprises.


Maarten is frequently appointed as a bankruptcy trustee and assists company directors and management. He has written a number of books on pledge enforcement and mortgages and is also an author for the SDU Property Law and Civil Proceedings Commentaries. Maarten is additionally an editor of the Curator Magazine and regularly publishes in professional journals.


Although he no longer programs in his daily work, Maarten had previously developed software for complex settlements of bankruptcies of Dutch firms. He is a pragmatic, fast thinker who puts emphasis on delivering out-of-the-box solutions.


Willem-Jan Smits.

(Eindhoven, 1985) Began his career in a medium-sized law practice where he successfully established himself as a specialist in the areas of insolvency, corporate litigation and blockchain. After graduating Cum Laude in insolvency, his day-to-day practice mainly gravitates around regular corporate affairs.


Willem-Jan’s affinity for new technology has made him the type of lawyer who pays particular attention to innovation and regulators’ reactions thereto. He closely follows the latest developments in relation to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.


Willem-Jan is a specialist and pioneer in the fields of tokenization, token contracting and the associated project funding stages – seed funding and initial coin offering (ICO). His clients comprise of startups as well as larger companies looking to incorporate new technologies in their daily operations.


Camiel Vermeulen.

(Boxtel, 1989) After studying at the University of Maastricht, he was part of one of the larger law firms in the province of North Brabant. There he specialized in insolvency law, corporate law, corporate litigation and the legal aspects of blockchain, smart contracts and ICOs.


Camiel is characterized by a continuous drive to achieve optimal results within a collaborative environment with clients. A good and thoughtful listener, focused on providing solutions to even the most arduous of cases presented before him.


Just as his other colleagues, Camiel finds particular interest in new technologies and their legal relevance.


Jolanda Hendrickx.

(Vught, 1958) started her career as a secretary at a small law firm in Den Bosch. Jolanda has since become a seasoned office manager with a great deal of experience in the field of the administrative settlement of bankruptcies as well as civil procedural law. With her warm appearance and strong customer focus, Jolanda is a valuable addition to our office. It is for that reason that both clients and judges regularly greet her.

Thomas Schelfaut.

(Eindhoven, 1991) studied at Radboud University in Nijmegen with a strong focus on corporate law. In that context Thomas has followed various courses at the Lunds Universitet in Sweden. After his studies, Thomas received his training at a smaller office in Eindhoven where he dealt with civil law issues and bankruptcy practice. Thomas has been working at Watson Law since 1 February 2019.


Thomas is involved and has the ability to come up with pragmatic solutions. This sometimes requires the use of paths that are different from the beaten track.

Eline Janssen.

(Vierlingsbeek, 1995) is a paralegal at Watson Law. She excels With her knowledge in the field of insolvency, corporate and property law. Eline supports Watsons lawyers in sorting out legal issues, conducting legal proceedings and settling bankruptcies.


Eline is currently in the final phase of her studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. During her studies Eline worked as a student assistant and she was also active in a legal store, a study association and a sports club.

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