Insolvency & Restructuring

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Successful business is about spotting and leveraging opportunities. Focusing on growth in everything you do. While calculating risks and preparing for potential setbacks. Still, problems cannot always be avoided. There are many situations that challenge you as an entrepreneur to look at your company’s future differently. Situations that might force you to take radical measures, or even restructure your company, with the ultimate objective of returning it to profitability. In times like these, Watsonlaw is there for you.


At Watsonlaw, we know exactly what is involved in restructuring. In addition, experience has shown that restructuring can be very smart and cost-efficient. If your company, large or small, is in dire straits, or on the verge of this, the absence of the right knowledge and experience may prevent a future-oriented approach. We like to be of service here. By assessing together with you what can be done to help the company back on the right track, for a bright new future. If funds are low, or you opt for a different course, for instance, you could sell part of your company. A correct valuation of this activity is then key. Keeping rights and obligations in mind. For example, materials and contracts, but also staff that is transferred to the acquiring party. You can of course also make specific agreements with creditors. This way, you clear the decks more rapidly, putting your company back on course.


These are all measures to ensure that your company returns to financial health or avoids bankruptcy. But they are measures that require specific expertise and experience. At Watsonlaw we offer exactly that, but it does not stop there. We do not just give tangible advice. We work out solutions with you and take problems off your hands. We ensure optimum valuation of the company and the stock. We provide the right contracts and ensure that a share issue to creditors runs smoothly. More importantly: we know what we are talking about, because we often act as receivers too. We know exactly how a receiver thinks and consequently what the options are. We guide you in all the strategic choices you have to make and take all interests and stakeholders into account. Ensuring your choices are right every step of the way.


And even if things look really bad, Watsonlaw is there for you. Maarten van Ingen, Olaf Poorthuis and Willem-Jan Smits are active as receivers in bankruptcy and have in-depth knowledge of everything to do with insolvencies. Maarten van Ingen is one of the designers of the administrative software used by many receivers for the settlement of insolvencies. Here too, Watsonlaw makes the difference, by not just navigating on the legal side, but also having attention for the financial side of the case. In addition, the lawyers at Watsonlaw regularly publish articles on insolvency in trade journals and give courses on the subject. In brief, an effective combination of knowledge and expertise that you can truly count on, every time.


Would you like to know more? Please contact Maarten van Ingen, Olaf Poorthuis or Willem-Jan Smits for more information.

At Watsonlaw, we look at matters from both sides. So also from the receiver’s perspective.

Track record.


  • Restructuring through taking out bank financing by a private investor consortium, staff complement approx. 350 people.
  • Restructuring of a company in the medical sector with a deal value of approx. € 22 million.
  • Receiver of Iduna, an internationally listed company active in the lingerie sector, active on 3 continents.
  • Receiver of the HIDD group, property fund with 67 former Hertie department stores in Germany with a finance package of approx. € 320 million.
  • Restructuring of a company in the automotive industry, with focus on securities on software.
  • Receiver of Geoffrey Groenewoud and his partnerships, 460 properties to a value of € 55 million.