Maarten van Ingen

Maarten van Ingen.

The perfect assessment of matters, especially in conflict situations. That really sums up Maarten. Maarten is committed, a strong strategist and he clarifies issues he encounters. He gets results. Building confidence.


Clients often refer to him as a strategist. That makes sense. Maarten is a master in the art of assessing the lie of the land. He does this quickly, expertly and with overview. He is a pragmatic and quick thinker too. He always has a plan, a direction, a path to a solution that no one else could have come up with. He knows, without fail, exactly which legal framework suits each conflict situation, ensuring the desired result is achieved spot on. Maarten gets results, where necessary he takes clients by the hand and manages the situation to take the right steps. Contributing true value.


Maarten studied Dutch Law at Utrecht University. During his studies he wrote his first scientific publications, but also – as an autodidact – computer programmes. With this knowledge he developed software for the settlement of bankruptcies.


After graduating, Maarten became a lawyer and focused on security rights and companies in difficulties, but also on corporate litigation. He is commonly appointed as a curator in bankruptcies and provides the companies and directors with support. Maarten is even appointed Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV). He wrote books about foreclosure sales and is a writer for the journals about property law and civil action SDU Commentaar Vermogensrecht and SDU Commentaar Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering. Up until February 2020, Maarten was the editor of the Tijdschrift voor Curatoren (Magazine for Curators) and he publishes regularly in professional journals.

“Creating clarity pays dividends, certainly for more complex issues”

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