Real Estate

Here’s our point of view:
We can hand you the bricks that help build your business.


Whether it concerns project development, construction or transformation, Watsonlaw’s lawyers have years of experience with all aspects of civil property. Not just where it concerns its purchase and financing, but also joint ventures and property management.


We offer assistance from start to finish: from operating agreement, joint venture agreement to building contract and fixed-price tender. We keep close track of the interests in all phases of the process, so that clients are safeguarded from risks that could manifest themselves along the way. This does not just apply to construction, but also to the financing structure. We often advise on special purpose entities and their setup and financing. Helping you to continue building brick by brick.


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You can build on our getting-things-done-mentality.

Track record.


  • Assistance of special purpose entities within the scope of property project realisation.
  • Assistance in the purchase of land and joint venture agreement with project developer and builder, project value approx. 9 million.
  • Purchase of leisure land as investment property and resale to new party.
  • Assistance with various purchases and sales in hospitality and catering with transition of staff and existing agreements.
  • Settlement of building contract with insolvent building company and contracting new parties.
  • Purchase of various land holdings for entrepreneurs.
  • Settlement of joint venture agreements within the scope of project development.