Eline Janssen

Eline Janssen.  Lawyer

Motivated, result oriented and enterprising. That’s Eline. As is her positive energy, tenacity and critical focus.


Eline’s strategic perspective, hands-on approach and pleasant way of communicating make her a strong advocate for both our crypto and company law team. Clients always feel they are in safe hands with her.


Eline is not easily thrown off course. Her glass is certainly half full and not half empty, and she loves the wide scope of the practice of law. Eline is not always in the foreground, but she is someone who – if it is necessary – chooses a clear and strong direction. Within crypto practice, that also focuses on financial law issues, she concentrates on anti-money laundering legislation, the preparation and supervision of registration or licensing projects with The Dutch National Bank (DNB) or the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). She is also involved in the drawing up of various policy documents and contracts.


As a corporate lawyer, Eline supports clients at home and abroad. From contractual disputes, takeovers and mergers to bankruptcy law issues, her advice is always to the point, clear and sharp.


Eline studied at Radboud University in Nijmegen and became fascinated by various areas of law including contractual law, corporate law, property law, bankruptcy law and financial law. During her time as a student Eline participated in various auxiliary activities. Eline currently sits on a board for the Jonge Balie Oost-Brabant.

“Getting the most out of things”

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