Inge Lakwijk

Inge Lakwijk.  Lawyer

A cool head, an analytical approach and restoring order step by step. That’s Inge in a nutshell. Her approach ensures overview, calm and focus in the midst of a hectic situation.


Inge is an all-round corporate lawyer, with specialist degrees in bankruptcy law and privacy. Thanks to her experience with legal procedures and bankruptcy, Inge is well-equipped to act accordingly when things go awry. This is invaluable when problems occur, but her expertise is also extremely valuable in the guidance of companies that wish to develop future-proof and professional qualities. Because if there is one thing that drives Inge, it is helping entrepreneurs get on. She does not shy away from rolling her sleeves up. Creating order from chaos. Decisiveness. Tying up loose ends. But also explaining why. Completing a job or resolving a problem energizes her, but she is only really happy when the client has also learnt from the experience.


As a lawyer specialised in insolvency, she wants to be a trustworthy contact for all the stakeholders, so that they feel heard, seen and assisted. Despite the careful consideration and analysis that exemplify Inge’s work, her approach is always people oriented. Inge is from a family of entrepreneurs and has experience of her own as a DMS in an SME. So she is more than able to understand the dynamics of a medium-sized business as well as the situation for the entrepreneurs behind it.


Inge studied in Tilburg. Following the completion of her Law Master in 2011, she focused on procedural law and corporate law as a lawyer in Eindhoven. In 2016, she gained experience as a court clerk in adjudicating commercial law disputes on behalf of the court. Since 2017 Inge has focused, in particular, on insolvency law and privacy.

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“Stay calm, especially in a crisis.”




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