Inge Lakwijk

Inge Lakwijk.

A cool head, an analytical approach and jointly ensuring transparent settlement. That’s Inge in a nutshell. Paying careful consideration and focusing on content, she also enjoys rolling up her sleeves to restore order through implementing well-thought-out strategies. Her approach ensures overview, calm and focus in the midst of a hectic situation. For everyone involved.


As a lawyer, Inge works closely with receivers in the settlement of liquidations. She fulfils both an active and advisory role here. Thanks to her legal analysis and keen perception, the receiver is assured of a well-thought-out approach, in which the facts have been thoroughly examined and the pros and cons of all the legal options set out. Facilitating swift and effective action.


Despite the careful consideration and analysis that exemplify Inge’s work, her approach is always people oriented. As a lawyer specialised in insolvency, she wants to be a trustworthy contact for all the stakeholders, so that they feel heard, seen and assisted. Inge is from a family of entrepreneurs and has experience of her own as a DMS. This allows her to understand the business as well as the entrepreneur behind it.


Inge studied in Tilburg. Following the completion of her Law Master in 2011, she focused on procedural law and corporate law disputes as a lawyer in Eindhoven, and she gained experience in court. She then moved into insolvency law, where her previously gained experience and expertise now come in very useful. Inge enjoys the variety and challenges inherent to insolvency law matters. She is at her best when parachuted into a company, so that she can quickly get up to speed with the situation and immediately start assisting the receiver.

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“Stay calm, especially in a crisis.”




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