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A security is a must if you plan to invest. Any collateral offered should be dynamic and simultaneously ensure growth for your firm, especially considering that investors focus on upscaling. At Watsonlaw we acknowledge that debt capital is sometimes the best financing option. And the more legally certain the environment, the greater the chance of success. In the macro game, it is not enough to just focus on the present – you have to think long-term and plan ahead.


Here at Watson we look for answers beyond the field of law. Optimised financial operations and documentations are a driving force behind a firm’s success and fundraising capabilities. This is why our attorneys evaluate your company’s financial structure so meticulously. Coupled with tailor-made legal design to ensure future sustainability, we build a framework for growth together.


The lawyers at Watsonlaw regularly publish articles on securitized assets in trade journals and they lecture on the topic at universities. Watsonlaw is also there for you if things go wrong. Maarten van Ingen and Willem-Jan Smits are both active bankruptcy trustees and as such have in-depth knowledge of insolvency matters. In addition, Maarten co-designed the administrative software often used by bankruptcy trustees for insolvency settlements in the Netherlands. Here again we employ one of our basic principles: a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.


Would you like to know more? Please contact Maarten van Ingen or Thomas Schelfaut.

Here at Watsonlaw we look for answers beyond the field of law.

Track record.


  • Various blockchain-based financing trajectories with approx. € 50 million revenue.
  • Preparing and implementing a finance package for a building project of approx. € 9 million.
  • Guiding a private investor consortium in the engagement of a banking financier, under provision of additional financing with supplementary security, deal value approx. € 15 million.