Attachment and urgent proceedings

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Watsonlaw has literally years of experience with legal proceedings, which of course also include urgent proceedings. We often employ these to reach a solution. Of course, these require a clear strategy and a good prior assessment. What is the most promising approach? Which steps are required? Is rapid action advisable? Sometimes it is, and being resolute about it too, in order to reach tangible results. With good reason. The swiftness of action for preliminary relief proceedings or attachment seizure is critical for success. This is the only way to obtain redress or recover a claim. Watsonlaw has the unrivalled capacity of responding swiftly and taking the appropriate response steps with the client. So whether it concerns a collection procedure, an attachment, its lifting or provisional orders, we at Watsonlaw are the eminent specialists who will get the best possible result for you from your expedited proceedings.


Watsonlaw also advises in cases of enforcement of administrative fines by government bodies. We are actively involved in the actual collection of the administrative fine through executory attachment. Particularly where this concerns government bodies, Watsonlaw has joined forces with Hekkelman Advocaten. We have set up this strategic alliance to be able to offer our clients even more value. We do this by deploying each other’s specific knowledge and experience. Read here everything about the cooperation between Watsonlaw and Hekkelman Advocaten.


Please note. A favourable decision by a judge is really just the beginning. Because being entitled is one thing, obtaining redress is another. Watsonlaw has in-depth knowledge of attachment and execution law. Maarten van Ingen has taught at the Dutch Bar Association’s professional training programme for many years and more recently as the senior lecturer for the subject Law governing Attachments and Executions. His experience and expertise, combined with his enormous client commitment, guarantee total peace of mind for the client in all steps of the process. His alert and assertive approach to cases also results in the formulation of a powerful strategy and a purposeful method. Every time.


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Track record.


  • Credit claim (approx. € 2 million) followed by attachment of pledged property by the pledgee on a large number of vintage cars and related parts.
  • Various preliminary relief proceedings about lifting attachments and security enforcement.
  • Expedited proceedings with regard to unfairly terminated management agreement for a director under the articles of association.
  • Civil-law enforcement of various administrative measures, such as administrative fines and judicially imposed penalties.