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Regularly, experts from the crypto team give their views in podcasts, TV programmes or in newspapers. Below is a list of recent publications Watsonlaw has contributed to.


Web3 Pioneers – 38. Web3 and regulation. (2023)

Today, Willem-Jan Smits was once again a guest in the studio. Together with him, Web3Pioneers discussed, among other things, the details of the upcoming European MiCA Regulation and explored use cases in conjunction with the law.

Cryptocast – 269B This changes with crypto law MiCAR. (2023)

The European Parliament has passed crypto law MiCAR. The regulation has been hotly debated in recent years, and now the final decision has been made. What will change for European customers and businesses? At the same time, the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) has also been adopted. That too has implications for crypto. We discuss all that with Willem-Jan Smits, a lawyer at Watsonlaw. Co-host is Bert Slagter.

Cryptocast – 264B DAOs are interesting but regulation is lacking. (2023)

The DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) still captures the imagination of many crypto followers. This is not surprising, as relevant examples can be counted on one hand for now. The idea is certainly interesting, though. In this Cryptocast, we dive into the legal side of DAOs. How does this new form of organisation interact with our existing legislation? And is new legislation on the way? We discuss this with Willem-Jan Smits, lawyer and co-founder of WatsonLaw. Co-host is Jacob Boersma.

Cryptotakkies – #5 Coins and Tokens | Europe is going to regulate the crypto market. (2022)

In this episode, Raoul Esseboom talks to Willem-Jan Smits about coins and tokens. Because what exactly is the difference between the two? Why do people so often confuse them? Do they actually need each other, or are they completely separate? Co-host Rifa is also at the table and, as always, puts his burning investment questions to advisor Jan-Willem.

Satoshi Radio #206 – Capitulation by extreme fall terra luna. (2022)

Are we all still here? We kept talking about thin ice in recent months: the 40k mark bitcoin was hovering on and felt “too good to be true”. It turned out to be just that, when this week UST stablecoin fell through its hooves. That crash pulled the already nervous crypto market with it. Bitcoin went 30% in the red in recent days, while the average altcoin slumped twice as much. What happened? And how are the guys themselves coping with capitulation?

Satoshi Radio #150 – Negative interest rates for all gone hashrate and new regulations. (2021)

A special episode: it is the 150th time we have recorded Satoshi Radio. We take a moment to celebrate that. Today, Willem-Jan Smits of Watson Law is our guest. He updates us on the DNB supervision regarding AMLD5 and updates us on the next regulation coming up: MiCA. We also discuss the drop in the hashrate, the possibility of everyone facing negative interest rates and, of course, a comprehensive market update.

Satoshi Radio # 142 – Did you buy the dip? (2021)

The month end, what a highlight it is every time. More than 180 viewers witnessed this spectacle. In this podcast, we talk about the dip in the market and speak with Willem-Jan Smits of Watson Law, Bart talks about NFTs, Peet unpacks with his Bullish quarter and Bert sharpened his geodesic the old-fashioned way.

Compliance advises – Crypto currencies: regulation DNB and MiCA. (2020)

There are two developments to report on virtual currencies. Exchange platforms are coming under DNB supervision and for providers of crypto-assets, the MiCA Regulation will soon come into force. Willem-Jan Smits updates us in this podcast series from Compliance Adviseert. Willem-Jan advises compliance officers at financial institutions to look into the regulation surrounding virtual currencies, as you will have to deal with it sooner or later as legislators and regulators regulate providers and trading increasingly seriously.

Compliance advises – Virtual currency and the AML/CFT. (2020)

Virtual currencies are coming under the AML/CFT. What exactly does that entail? And exactly what integrity risks do compliance officers have to consider? Willem-Jan Smits assists various companies with legal and compliance advice and talks about all the ins and outs in this episode of the podcast series.

Satoshi Radio #59 – Willem-Jan Smits on Watsonlaw. (2019)

Willem-Jan Smits is an experienced lawyer with roots in corporate and bankruptcy law, but these days spends 90% of his time working on Blockchain, STOs and Smart Contracts. We ask him whether STOs really have a future, whether you can seize Bitcoin and what the status of AMLD5 is.


FD – Rules for traditional markets tighten by a factor of 10. (2023)

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Lekker Cryptic – New rules for European crypto market: Markets in Crypto-Asset Regulation (MiCA). (2023)

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FD – Crypto world braces for tough European legislation. (2022)

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Tasty Crypto – Binance under fire worldwide: ‘their behaviour differs from other players’. (2021)

The hunt for Binance is on. Every week the list of regulators who have set their sights on the world’s biggest crypto exchange gets longer. Have Changpeng Zhao and consorts put themselves out of business for any length of time? Willem-Jan Smits reflects.

Tasty crypto – Judge questions legality of DNB crypto policy. (2021)

The preliminary relief judge has ruled in the case between Bitonic and De Nederlandsche Bank. Willem-Jan Smits responds and provides interpretation.


Radar – Crypto ads totally not bound by regulations. (2021)

Watch the broadcast in Radar here or see our news release on this here.

BCNL event: EU Crypto Regulation MICA.

Willem-Jan Smits is one of the leading lawyers in the Netherlands in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. During his keynote at the BCNL event, Willem-Jan discussed MiCA, the comprehensive European legislation for the crypto industry and the current state of Dutch regulation. You can watch the keynote here.