Mergers & Acquisitions

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Entrepreneurship is about taking risks. Risks that are lurking, waiting to pounce as focus is shifted and companies are sold off. On the other hand, risks can materialize during the acquisition of complementary activities for improving future scalability. Watsonlaw lawyers have many years of experience with acquisitions and the sale of companies. This has given us true insight of not just the legal implications of the transaction, but also the economic aspects and possible long-term impact.


So, if you are considering an asset or a share transaction, we are here to assist you from the beginning to the end: from the LOI to the SPA. We never relax our watch, so that you can take manageable risks that facilitate and do not hamper entrepreneurship. The lawyers at Watsonlaw do not just concern themselves with the legal side of a case, they also keep a careful track of the figures. We understand the balance sheet, as well as the impact that a takeover can have on the company’s sustainability and profitability. As takeovers often involve sale and lease-back, rental, sale or purchase of real estate property, you can depend on the broad experience of Watsonlaw’s lawyers in these matters. So step by step, brick by brick, you can build on the growth of your business.


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Track record.


  • Various takeovers in the medical sector, deal value approx. € 12 million.
  • Takeover of a bottling plant and the restructuring of the corresponding financing package.
  • Assets and share transaction for an industrial bakery.
  • Various management buyouts.
  • Assistance of project partners within the scope of the realisation of real estate projects.