Thomas Schelfaut

Thomas Schelfaut.  Lawyer

Conscientious, convivial and sound. Thomas in a nutshell. Thomas is a confident speaker. What he says gets to the heart of the matter and what he does produces results. That is exactly what it is all about.


A conscientious lawyer who knows his stuff. Thomas always understands exactly what is required of him to guide complex corporate law matters to a successful conclusion. Someone who gives listening the preference over speaking, who thinks before he acts, but above all provides true support at every stage of a case. This makes Thomas a trusted partner for clients, who helps them come up with answers and sees the importance of offering pragmatic solutions that really work. This sometimes requires picking out a route that departs from well-trodden roads. Thomas is a master of this. Clients describe him as a convivial, but sound character. What he does for them, he does sincerely. That makes the difference.


Thomas studied at Radboud University with a strong focus on corporate law. Within this scope, Thomas followed a variety of courses at Lund University in Sweden. After graduating, Thomas continued his education at an office in Eindhoven, where he focused on civil proceedings and bankruptcy practices.

‘Sometimes a solution is found in unchartered territory”




  • Bouw & Infra
  • Food & Agri
  • Non profit

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