Marlinde Nannings

Marlinde Nannings.  Advocaat

Analytical, thorough, someone who likes to be involved from the start of a new development. That’s Marlinde in a nutshell. She loves to sink her teeth into complex matters and is able to apply a scientific approach. Creating clarity.


Marlinde has the curiosity of a scientist, but has both her feet planted firmly in practice. That is exactly the reason why she feels completely at home as a lawyer in the Watsonlaw crypto team. Marlinde gets space to explore across the board and simultaneously dive deep when appropriate. To help provide direction and advice in decentralised finance and corresponding dynamics in the regulations surrounding crypto currencies. Marlinde is fascinated by creating value in multiple ways and to help clients achieve their business plans within current regulations. Especially in these times in which the Watsonlaw crypto team are on top of every development.


Marlinde studied Dutch law at Radboud University. During her exchange with the University of Sydney she discovered the subject corporate finance. Above all, she discovered the impact of crypto. Her interest was aroused: this was a combination she wanted to be involved in.


Marlinde stuck to her plan. While writing her thesis, that has been published as a book and that has won her two thesis prizes, she knew her future would be in crypto. Following a short spell of employment with a major law firm, Marlinde found a PhD position at Radboud University, with the Institute for Financial Law, where she was active as a lecturer for several years and researched the regulation of crypto currency in the EU.


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“Together at the birth of new developments”




  • Financial Markets
  • Technology
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