Commercial Contracts & Privacy

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Working together means reaching agreements together. We know all about this at Watsonlaw. Of course. Because when parties start to work together, the bedrock of the collaboration is recorded in commercial, written (or verbal) agreements that are made between parties. We help the parties involved in the recording of these agreements and we offer solutions that are perfectly in touch with practice. So, we set down how they plan to do their business together, what is expected from both parties within this scope and what happens if the parties wish to part company or if there is a conflict. It speaks for itself that it is important to reach clear and conclusive agreements with each other in advance, preferably in writing and unambiguously.


At Watsonlaw we have a wealth of experience in everything that is required for complex and less complex agreements, both in national and international arenas. Above all, we dispose of the most up-to-date and extensive knowledge with regard to negotiations, drawing up, implementing and settlement of common and less usual commercial contracts.


Are you looking for a committed partner, who will assist you for the full term of the contract with your contractual partners, a partner with a getting things done-mentality, then place your trust in the experts at Watsonlaw. We guide you intensively and long-term, focused on opportunities and growth. We also help you with all sorts of choices that need to be made. If you are entering a new contractual relationship, renewing or changing existing agreements or settling a short or long-term contractual understanding, we have the insights to help you create more impact with your collaboration.


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Watsonlaw offers solutions that dovetail into working practice.

Track record.


  • Drawing up financing documentation with corresponding securities.
  • Guidance in the (re)organisation of shareholder agreements.
  • Advising on pre-contractual liability (during and prior to the negotiation processes).
  • Drawing up documentation regarding blockchain-based financing.