Camiel Vermeulen

Camiel Vermeulen.  Lawyer

Excellent listener, route determiner and go-getter. That typifies Camiel. He really sinks his teeth in and pulls out all the stops to achieve the optimum result, certainly where matters are critical. Here lies his strength.


Camiel is an all-round corporate lawyer, with a strong focus on (international) contract law. Clients praise Camiel for his getting-things-done mindset. He is deeply motivated to achieve the optimum result, even when things are on a knife edge. Thanks to his extensive experience with the compilation and evaluation of all manner of contracts, Camiel excels in avoiding confusion or debates after the fact. From take-overs, (re)investment rounds and corporate governance structures to the recording of complex cooperations between crypto companies and brokers, Camiel has a solution-oriented approach and always works with a clear plan, even in unchartered territory. This does not just ask for a proactive approach but most especially a thorough knowledge of matters. Camiel is able to apply both aspects with precision when he gets to work with the often complex issues he is entrusted with. He always keeps his client properly informed of the process in an expert and goal-oriented manner.


After graduating from Maastricht University, Camiel furthered his education with one of the bigger law firms in Noord-Brabant. He specialised in insolvency law, corporate law, and the legal aspects of blockchain, smart contracts and tokenization. In 2020 Camiel successfully completed the Grotius specialisation course National and International Contracting.

“Success is down to the right approach”




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  • Financiële markten
  • Technology
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