Olaf Poorthuis

Olaf Poorthuis.  Partner/lawyer

Always deliberated and strategic. Followed by action and perseverance. This best describes Olaf. He likes to carefully consider matters before taking action to get to where he wants to be. No matter what dossier he is working on, his approach is purposeful, persistent and decisive.


Olaf feels at home with complex issues that are rich in detail and require extensive prior research as well as flexibility during the process. Of course, that makes sense. No two situations or issues are the same. Olaf immerses himself in the subject matter, so he can choose the right course, anticipate and adapt swiftly. Certainly in his role as receiver, he manages to provide clarity within a matter of days, and charts the course for what needs to be done, how this can be done smoothly and in the best manner for all the stakeholders involved.


Olaf studied Business Law at Radboud University in Nijmegen and gained considerable practical experience even while he was studying. After that, he worked with two large, prestigious law firms, for the last ten years as a lawyer/partner. He successfully completed various supplementary post-doctoral courses, including a Mediation training course with the renowned ADR Institute. Besides his law/receivership practice, Olaf acts as Enterprise Court official (temporary executive/supervisory director/investigator) in inquiry proceedings for the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.


Clients like working with Olaf. And that’s not without reason. He is a good listener and is truly focused on their specific situation and on what is needed to really resolve the matter. Olaf says it is often just a matter of using your common sense. It is about how to bring parties together. And about continuing to ask yourself what the best solution is and what needs to be done to facilitate that. So altogether it is clear that Olaf is very versatile and a strong partner for both his clients and his colleagues.

“A sound solution is often just a question of relying on your common sense”




  • Bouw & Infra
  • Food & Agri
  • Financiële markten
  • Retail

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