Willem-Jan Smits

Willem-Jan Smits.  Partner/lawyer

Treading new paths and daring to take tangible steps towards the best solution. That is Willem-Jan to a tee. He is transparent, clear-cut and provides tangible advice based on his expertise and experience. Increasing opportunities.


Daring to pioneer. Daring to take steps. This demands knowing more than what you do and with what goal. This also demands daring, insight and perseverance. Willem-Jan has this. If a challenge presents itself, he sets right to work. Moving quickly, he takes care of things. Clients experience him as a pleasant interlocutor, who is easy to work with. With reason. Willem-Jan is very clear, on point and explains unequivocally what has to happen. He does this with an eye for detail and results. This creates footing, direction and calm.


Willem-Jan started his career with a medium-sized law firm, where he quickly established himself as a specialist in insolvency law, corporate law and blockchain. After completing the specialisation course in Insolvency Law with honours and integrating his fascination with new technologies, he grew to become a lawyer who builds bridges between standard corporate law and its application on the development of new technologies, like blockchain, smart contracts and crypto currencies.


Willem-Jan is the specialist and pioneer in the field of tokenization, token contracting and the corresponding financing phases, including seed funding and token offerings (ICO/STO). His clients are startups and major companies with a strong interest in the application of new technologies in their companies.

“New technologies demand new insights”

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