Glenn Ludwig

Glenn Ludwig.  Juridisch medewerker

With a passion for untangling legal issues and a keen eye for detail, Glenn adds a unique dynamic to our team. His journey started in Enschede, where he discovered his love for the legal world while studying Legal Services. Driven by a desire for more depth and an urge to investigate every aspect in detail, Glenn continued his path to studying law.


Before and during his Master’s degree in Corporate Law at Radboud University Nijmegen, Glenn gained a wealth of experience, ranging from coordinating security at major (sports) events to pioneering new legislation in the (semi-)public sector. His expertise extends across a wide range of legal areas, with a special interest in bankruptcy law and corporate law, where he is driven by the challenge of understanding complex cases to the core and ultimately bringing them to a successful end.


What sets Glenn apart is his intriguing fascination for the intersection between technology and law. He thrives on unraveling complex issues and finding innovative solutions. Outside of his work at Watsonlaw, Glenn is a multifaceted individual with interests ranging from playing acoustic guitar to solving crossword puzzles and exploring arts.


With his calm and thoughtful character, combined with sharp analytical skills, Glenn is someone you can count on. He embraces challenges and remains determined until they are resolved, while always being open to clear communication and an empathetic approach.

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