Rens Kattenbelt

Rens Kattenbelt.  Lawyer

Seek creative solutions. Never give up before the finish line. That typifies Rens. He revels in taking responsibility and is at his best when given the space to look for new and smart solutions to complex problems.


Rens is right at home with complicated issues that demand innovative answers. He is especially fascinated by the financial aspects of the world of crypto, where vast territories still remain unchartered. He is energised by out-of-the-box thinking and making innovation possible through exploring the boundaries of what is legally feasible. And through exploring ways to bridge the gap between the law and rapid technological developments. With his focus on the bigger picture and tenacity, he always takes that extra step.


Rens studied Law at Radboud University in Nijmegen. During his Master Financial Law his affection for blockchain and crypto was awakened. He graduated in the new EU crypto regulation (MiCA). As a lawyer, Rens actively assists our crypto and blockchain team.


Want to learn more about Rens? See his LinkedIn-profile.

“Seek creative solutions and never give up before the finish line.”




  • Financial Markets
  • Technology
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