Jorie Corten

Jorie Corten.  Paralegal

Enthusiastic and prepared to take risks when necessary. That’s Jorie in a nutshell. Just like her exceptional penchant for new technologies and English. In her law studies and in her work Jorie searches for depth and innovation. Because unchartered territories intrigue her. And this is exactly where she wants to make a difference.


Her ultimate objective is to run her own firm. In law and/or in new tech. Which explains why Jorie chose to read the minor Law, Innovation & Technology, focused on big data, crypto and new technologies. Jorie is currently combining her law studies at Utrecht University with her work as a paralegal within our blockchain and crypto practice. An excellent opportunity for sinking her teeth into disruptive technology and, later this year, also the master International Technology Law.

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“Enthusiastic and prepared to take risks when necessary”




  • Financial Markets
  • Technology
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