Benjamin Fontani

Benjamin Fontani.

Benjamin is working as a paralegal at Watsonlaw. A well-considered choice as part of his professional training as a lawyer that he is following in Paris. During the coming months Benjamin will focus on a combination of financial legislation and regulations with regard to digital assets and criminal law. He will, for example, study the implementation of anti-money laundering rules in more depth, which are becoming increasingly important for players within the blockchain eco system.


Benjamin graduated from the University of Paris with two masters: Financial Law and Comparative Business Law. From an early age he developed a strong interest in new technologies and the legal and social impact that they encompass. Both masters provided him with a splendid opportunity to investigate the regulations for digital assets in more depth. His thesis was on “The legal qualification of Tokens in Initial Coin Offering, a comparative study of the French and US legal systems”. In addition, Benjamin specialised in criminal law and white-collar crime through working as a trainee for more than two years for various criminal law firms. Benjamin also graduated from the business school INSEAD.


Typical for Benjamin is not just his unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity for exploring new ground. He is someone who enjoys finding innovative solutions through thinking out of the box. But, above all, Benjamin is a team player with a positive mindset. For him, teamwork is always the key to success. A great new asset for our crypto team for the next six months.


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“Teamwork is the key to success”




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