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Here’s our point of view:
We can lay out the bricks that help build your business.

Entrepreneurship is about taking risks. For example, those risks which only materialize when focus shifts and companies are sold. On the other hand you’ve got the opposite – acquiring complementary activities contributing to future scalability. Throughout the years our lawyers have amassed critical experience in the area of acquisitions and business sales. As a result we’ve managed to develop a keen eye on each deal’s legal as well as economic aspects.


Whether you have an asset or a share transaction in mind, we guide you from start to finish: from the LOI to the SPA. In doing so, we always maintain focus so you can take all those risks that make entrepreneurship possible and exciting. Takeovers furthermore often involve other different types of property – naturally an area where we are able to showcase our deep industry knowledge to accelerate the growth of your business.


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