Corporate Litigation and Urgent Proceedings

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We can do what needs to be done to make you win.

Nobody sits around waiting for a lawsuit to start. However, sometimes you need legal procedure to solve a dispute with the intended result. Litigation is an art and knowledge of the law is typically not enough to win your case. It requires the ability to prioritize issues, highlight their relevancy and act strategically, all while following procedure. For quick results, you need to know the rules and apply them effectively.


Watsonlaw has years of experience with a variety of legal procedures, including urgent proceedings. Filing a legal claim and the subsequent appearance before a court is a process that requires quick action. Only by being fast are you able to secure the most adequate redress for incurred damages. Whether it concerns the initiation of formal proceedings, seizure or provisional measures, the Watson Law team is able to react in a short time period and promptly adapt to each client’s individual situation.


A favorable judicial decision is however only the beginning. Being right is one thing, but getting justice is something else. With our fully-fledged knowledge of seizure and execution law, we make sure the latter is served. Maarten van Ingen has been a teacher of the legal profession for many years and is currently occupying a position as senior lecturer in execution and injury law. You’re in good hands.


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Being right is one thing, but getting justice is something else.