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We can help your technology switch gears for you.

The team of Watson Law is a pioneer in the field of blockchain and we possess all the relevant knowledge regarding the legal aspects of ICOs. Thanks to our expertise, we act as legal advisors of various ICO teams, thereby supporting them in all stages of their projects. By choosing Watson Law as your designated legal advisor you can count on quality, full-service servicing. We share the same goal – maximizing your token’s value.


In the ICO preparation stage, we ensure your project’s compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. Above others, relevant legal conduct includes the nature of the asset (security or not), information asymmetries as well as know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures. Coupled with helping define the type of your token, we also help you develop an optimized token economics structure (tokenomics) for your enterprise.


Watson Law has additionally developed a sample SAFT (simple agreement future tokens) form specifically designed for ICO teams based in the Netherlands. With the help of our SAFT, teams can marginally increase their chances of attracting seed or ICO bridge funding to cover their initial expenses. The SAFT offers ICO teams enhanced flexibility and legal certainty. Depending on our client’s desire, we can take care of the entire investor negotiation phase with the aim of helping entrepreneurs to remain focused on developing their product.


The conditions for the pre-sale and actual ICO are drawn up by Watson Law and are specifically tailored to each project’s specific situation and needs. Besides assistance with whitelisting and KYC & AML, our expertise extends to the development of the ICO smart contract, privacy and exchange listing.


Do you want to know more? Please contact Willem-Jan Smits or Camiel Vermeulen.

The team of Watson Law is a pioneer in the field of blockchain.